Safety Medical Products Limited


Safety Medical Products Limited has various patents and registered trademarks associated with the SecureTouch syringe in regions and countries including Europe, the United States of America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  Registered trademarks in Australia include“SafetyMed”, “SecureTouch” and “SyringeSafe”.  It has also registered the “SecureTouch” trademark in New Zealand.  The Company has commenced a review and evaluation of the existing business of the SecureTouch Syringe and associated technologies.  On the conclusion of this program, and subject to report outcomes, the Company will seek to further develop its existing technologies.

The Company was recently recapitalised and reinstated to official quotation on the ASX on 25 January 2011.  A portion of the Company’s funds have been allocated to the examination of alternative and additional investment opportunities.

As part of the review of alternative investment opportunities, the Company has entered into an option agreement to acquire mineral exploration tenements in the Three Rivers area of Western Australia.